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The News

7/17/81 Metropolitan Baedeker; Historic Paterson Renewing Its Past

3/17/05 Stadium's Comeback Could Rest with Voters

3/15/05 Work Resumes on Project to Restore River Raceways

10/21/04 Governor McGreevey Announces Designation Of Three New State Parks

10/22/04 Great Falls under State Umbrella

10/9/04 Assembly OKs Aid for Great Falls

10/11/04 Hamilton Exhibit Shows Immigrant Roots; Rapid Rise

7/10/04 The Shot that Killed Alexander Hamilton

7/10/04 Forever Linked

4/30/04 Push Builds for National Park

4/29/04 First Step to Saving Great Falls Site: Clearing Weeds for Historical Survey

4/20/04 A Landmark Decision

Spring 2004 PVSC Begins Cleanup of Paterson's Historic Raceway System

2/15/04 Paterson Appears Ready for a Rebirth

7/12/03 'Big Ed' Rutsch, 66, Jersey Archeologist

10/16/02 New Life For A Grand Old Sports Arena

8/16/02 A Wake-up Call - Paterson Slaying Spurs Move at Run-down Site

6/20/02 An Arena with a Panoramic View

10/5/01 Paterson: Historic Parcel's Future Is Uncertain

9/27/01 Paterson Council Rescinds Great Falls Deal

8/29/01 Doom Looms for Housing Project

7/27/01 Paterson Mayor Seeks Deal on Solution for Historic Site

3/29/01 Great Falls Park Another Step Closer

3/23/01 Great Falls Park Proposal Advances

3/14/01 Paterson National Park Bid On Hold

3/13/01 Local Advocates Will Plead Case for Great Falls Park

2/28/01 Great Falls Hearing Set On National Park Status

2/26/01 National Park Status Sought for Paterson Waterfall Site

2/20/01 Hamilton Honored at Great Falls Gathering

2/14/01 Senators Seek National Park in Paterson

11/29/00 U.S. Study To Focus On Passaic River

11/21/00 Historic Horizons Project May Be History

10/3/00 Paterson Ordered To Pay for Repair Of Historic Site

9/2/00 Colt Mill Rescued From Ruins, Paterson Site Awaits Restoration

3/13/00 From the Same Cloth, Paterson Frays as Lowell Amends: Day Three: As the Golden Age Tarnished

3/12/00 From the Same Cloth, Paterson Frays as Lowell Amends: Day Two: City's Survivors Cop an Attitude on Crime

3/11/00 From the Same Cloth, Paterson Frays as Lowell Amends: Day One: Weaving an Economic Rebirth

8/23/99 Paterson Must Unite To Preserve Its History

9/17/98 City Hires Firm To Study Riverfront Development